My Story

.As I look back a decade, I recollect the time when I was working towards becoming a 3D Animator. I was really a different person back then, very shy & introvert. Having no knowledge of the right foods & exercise being a big no no for me back then, basically I had no knowledge whatsoever about health & wellbeing.

Just as I was about to dive right into my career as an animator, life took a devastating turn when I lost my mother to breast cancer. My life came crashing down as my motivation & self-belief were destroyed & I ended up just being at home and doing nothing for many months. However, I was left with the burning desire to know the true reasons behind cancer & the ways which could’ve helped my mom live.

Within a year I had turned obese & was pretty much on the verge of a clinical diagnosis for type 2 diabetes. Had it not been for my brother who pushed me into the gym, it would’ve been a different story altogether. Alongside, worried by my unemployment, my father convinced me to join one of his friends who was into the textile business of handmade fabrics (I was pretty clueless about the textile & fashion industry, then). I later left & co-founded a naturally dyed clothing company with my wife, which eventually lead me on the path to discover answers to those questions which I had yearned for.

It was a long journey that took 6 years & was full of hurdles, intense struggles, rejections, sleepless nights, frustrations & disappointments which led me to where I am today. Nature has weird & unusual ways to give you answers, its never straightforward & simple and neither are these answers given in one go. Much of it came from my wife who found her passion & calling way before I did, over the years as she was working with & educating herself with the many different herbs which are used for natural dyeing. Lucky for me, that she has a curious nature since she was the one who got me onto the path of functional medicine & the habit of self-development through constant education. Now, having found my destiny, I want to educate, empower & uplift people from the belief that disease & suffering is inevitable & teach them that it is possible to not just prevent but also overcome the dis-ease but thrive with health & positivity.

Before I conclude I would like to share with you an important message. Never give up hope & always remember that you always have angels in the form of people around you to pick you up when you fall.