Struggling To Lose Weight??

Do you know that type 2 diabetes, hypothyroid function & hormonal imbalance are all interconnected!! And that excessive Body Fat is one of the outcomes!! 

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Health & Wellness begins in the mind! What you think, your everyday choices & the way you perceive events, Matters!! Lets learn & apply the ‘Biology of Belief’ as coined by Dr. Bruce Lipton


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Commonly Asked Question related to Weight Gain/Loss -> type 2 diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Hormonal Imbalances 

Q. Can it be possible to have pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOS, estrogen dominance, etc without knowing?

A. All these are just names aka diagnosis given to dis-eases that has already been taking place & which had started manifesting months, years or many a times even decades ago! Sure, there are always symptoms like hair loss, skin issues, lethargy, fatigue, feeling cold & weight gain being one of them (common symptom among most of these issues)! 

Q. Is Neuropathy common among diabetics?

A. Diabetics are very much likely to face neuropathy &/or even retinopathy due to elevated blood sugar levels which is inflammatory & causes damage to nerves & esp. a B12 deficiency (Metformin may also contribute) which can be another contributing factor.

Q. Will keto help in weight loss?

A. It depends, not in all cases but likely some. The person should be having good bile function, healthy gut lining & good mitochondrial function, which we are less likely to see in people battling diabetes, hypothyroidism & hormonal imbalances. But with appropriate support & interventions, its possible to get on such diets ONLY for a short-term duration!

Q. What should I eat for managing these health issues aka weight loss?

A. You can start with whole natural foods esp. diverse vegetables, low glycemic fruits, seeds & nuts, meats, eggs, seafood, while limiting grains esp. refined. You can play around with foods and test your body’s response. Its important to concentrate on the quality of foods however! Example; organic over pest-laden foods, pasture raised n hormone free meats, etc.

Q. Can I have cake or sweets?

A. Sure you can…BUT, provided they are made with non-refined whole pseudo-grains or a good example of that would be coconut flour & preferably with sweeteners like monk fruit & xylitol (stevia at-times though less recommended but whole green unprocessed stevia leaf powder is great!). But remember its a desert, not a meal.

Q. Hypothyroidism, Type 2 Diabetes, etc runs in my family, will I get it too?

A. Not if you are living a healthy, stress-free, toxin-free & active lifestyle while focusing on natural whole foods while ditching the packaged ones. It’s not that difficult, why wait till you have the problems!? Want to know how to get started? Then just book a call with me.

Q. Can I do fasting? Will it help in weight loss & also to manage type 2 diabetes?

A. Fasting intermittently or having feeding & fasting windows is definitely an approach to lose weight & manage diabetes. However, jumping on fasting right off the bat, isn’t recommended! We need to make sure that the body’s detoxification channels are open otherwise it’ll spell trouble! Secondly, fasting is also a form of stress on the body & is not suitable if your stress levels are running high or if your fasting insulin is high since you will have increased episodes of hyperglycemia, which can prove to be dangerous!! I’d recommend that you work with me or a healthcare professional (who is qualified enough) to gauge if it can work in your particular case & if so, how often & when.

Q. Can I drink sugar-free sodas?

A. Sodas are chemically derived & not natural, hence treated as a toxin by our body. While the fact that sugar-free sodas may or may not contain high amounts of fructose which is a huge contributing factor to NAFLD, it would contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame K, saccharin, etc have negative long term implications on health!

Q. How are hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes & hormonal imbalances linked together & are common contributors to weight gain?

A. The body is interconnected in complex ways. The thyroid acts on blood sugar metabolism & on the other hand your blood glucose levels also acts on the thyroid. So if either of them are not functioning optimally, they’ll tend to affect the other! Let me give you 2 good examples of this interconnected-ness. Liver is where our thyroid hormone is converted. From inactive T4 to active T3. So, in the case of insulin resistance where there’s NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) the thyroid conversion is also going to be affected! Plus the inflammation due to high blood glucose levels will lead to stress which will convert T3 to Reverse T3! While also considering that due to digestion which is also negatively impacted, most likely that we don’t even have sufficient nutrients to make thyroid hormone!! And don’t forget that, when you have NAFLD, weight gain is already present & a low metabolism is an impact of the negative implications on the thyroid hormone & gland. So, that’s even more weight gain!!

On the other hand, in the earlier stages of metabolic syndrome when doctor’s tell you that you’re all good! (That’s when your blood glucose levels are seemingly normal) Your insulin levels are high & that’s what even leads to PCOS!! Plus, later on when blood sugar levels start riding low due to even higher insulin levels (and the doc asks you to eat sugar when you feel dizzy!!) that’s a risk factor for damage to thyroid health because the pituitary gland’s function is being suppressed. (the pituitary produces TSH, which signals the thyroid to produce T4 and T3 (amount of T3 is less here)

Q. I’m over-weight, am I prone to type 2 diabetes?

A. In most cases its the other way round. Diabetes is a metabolic dis-ease & in most cases (not all) its dis-ease mechanisms is what leads to excessive weight gain. As mentioned earlier, diabetes is just a diagnosis when dysfunction has already take place & that factors that are building up towards this diagnosis, are also the factors that have led to excessive weight-gain. In-short diabetes & excessive weight gain are closely related & hence many a times its popularly known as “Diabesity”.

Hi, I’m Arjun Chhabra, a Functional Health Professional & Host of the ‘Functional Health Show’

I’m passionate about helping people in their journey to wellness & attaining freedom from the clutches of dis-ease! And find myself curious to find answers related to ‘True Health’ & ‘How the body can Heal itself, Revive & Regenerate from Dis-ease’. Hence I’m constantly researching, studying, applying & adapting to the new information, methods & concepts that I obtain through books, webinars, podcasts, courses, new scientific researches & more. If you’d like to know why I do, what I do. You can click here to read My Story . You can also check out My Certifications

About Coach Arjun

Busting Myths Related to Type 2 Diabetes

  • Simply having sugar when experiencing a hypoglycemic episode is not the end-all, be-all solution!
  • Just because you have genes for type 2 diabetes doesn’t mean you will necessarily have it! Your lifestyle, habits & choices will dictate its activation or not! Epigenetics is above the genome!
  • While the mainstream belief is about eating less or counting calories & exercising more being the solution for managing type 2 diabetes, it’s not even close to being accurate. The body needs nutrients for biochemical processes, detoxification & repair. Food is far more than just calories, its information! Calories do exist but don’t matter, 2 foods can have the exact same calories but will be entirely different! 
  • You are a pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic when diagnosed by the doctor due to high blood sugar levels? Well, that’s just a diagnosis when the damage has already happened!! Due to insulin levels being high in relation to different negative implications, blood sugar stays seemingly normal but the damage is already happening….
  • Skinny people don’t get type 2 diabetes is another common myth. Things such as toxins, fructose overload, high intake of refined foods can easily cause Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) which may not show up in a skinny person with low muscle mass. 
  • A spike in blood glucose levels can only be caused by foods, not necessarily. It can be caused by stress, poor sleep, food sensitivities, etc
  • Type 2 diabetes is caused due to the pancreas not making enough insulin, its the biggest myth of all-time!! Diabetes is not a disease of insufficient insulin, its a lifestyle disease & a problem of too much sugar!!
  • Fasting blood glucose & HbA1c are usually the only lab markers which are looked at in mainstream medicine. This unfortunately shows only half the picture since it leads to its diagnosis when the dysfunction has already taken place, its too late!! In the absence of other lab markers like fasting insulin (Triglycerides & liver enzymes can give an even larger picture) the conventional physician won’t be able to catch the progression early!
  • As long as I’m on medications, I’ll be fine. Another massive myth!! While medications do help in temporarily managing the problem while changes are being made. It should be noted that, it is no where even close to resolving the issue or even stopping the disease progression  towards severe illness & on the other hand, many even create other imbalances in the body resulting in a whole new chain of dis-ease & dysfunction elsewhere! 

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